CMS Development


What is content management system?

Content management or CMS system allows you to build dynamic websites, which can be later maintained with a web browser.

The overriding goal of CMS is to separate site content from site design. In practical terms, that means a Web guru shouldn’t have to be hired to update your site content and make sure it winds up in the right spot. And when the site content does go up, the structure shouldn’t mess with the surrounding page layout.

Do you need a Content Management System?

Keeping your website up to date with pertinent new content is vitally important in establishing credibility and bringing visitors back on a regular basis.

If you know HTML, creating new pages and inserting them into your site might be the best way to manage content. Static HTML pages have the advantage of being visible to search engines and easy to keep track of if you use a standard naming scheme and don’t have too many pages to manage. For many websites, static HTML pages are the right approach.

However, if you publish large quantities of information on your website, or if the information on your site changes frequently, a content management system (CMS) may be a better answer. A good CMS will allow non-technical content managers to add and update content to your website.

Take a closer look at two reliable Open Source content management systems:

Why pick us?

In a market where websites need to be built faster and easier, many developers are turning to Open Source CMS to get the job done. Unfortunately there are now thousands of CMS’s floating around the web and finding the right one has become somewhat of an ordeal. Our content management systems allow you to easily update your website without the need for any technical knowledge, from any computer with internet access and without installing any software. Being fluent in any coding language allows us to work on any content management system or web development project whether customising our own in house systems or off the shelf systems including Umbraco, WordPress and Magento.

  • Simple administration interface
  • Creating and editing content simple and easy
  • Integration with third party software
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Integrated Web Site Analytics
  • Affordable and cost-effective